A biography of benedict arnold a general in the american revolutionary war

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Benedict Arnold

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Benedict Arnold Biography

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Richard Montgomery

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Benedict Arnold commits treason

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Biography >> History >> American Revolution. Occupation: Revolutionary War General Born: January 14, in Norwich, Connecticut Died: June 14, in London, England Best known for: Being a traitor when he changed sides from the United States to the British Biography: Where did Benedict Arnold grow up?

Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold grew up in Norwich city in the American colony of Connecticut. Although he fought with skill and courage in many campaigns during the American Revolution (–83), General Benedict Arnold. American Revolutionary War; Clockwise: Surrender of Lord Cornwallis after the Siege of Yorktown, Battle of Trenton, The Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker Hill, Battle of Long Island, Battle of Guilford Court House.

Benedict Arnold was an American Revolutionary War general who originally fought for the American Continental Army but defected to the British Army later on.

Initially respected as a patriotic American, he became notorious as a traitor after he shifted his allegiance to the wowinternetdirectory.com Of Birth: Norwich. "Both a biography and an extended meditation on the ironies of the Revolution, Benedict Arnold, Revolutionary Hero is in many ways a remarkable example of the historian's craft[an] indispensable guide."-Los Angeles Times"Restores Arnold to the pantheon of American war heroes."-The New England Quarterly"Martin discloses a new and entirely credible Benedict Arnold.".

Benedict Arnold went on to fight successfully in in keeping the British from invading the colonies through the Lake Champlain region, and his greatest victory was at Saratoga inwhich led to the French coming into the war as the American’s first and most important wowinternetdirectory.comees:

A biography of benedict arnold a general in the american revolutionary war
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