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American Beauty is a American drama film directed by Sam Mendes and written by Alan Ball. Kevin Spacey stars as Lester Burnham, a year-old advertising executive who has a midlife crisis when he becomes infatuated with his teenage daughter's best friend, Angela (Mena Suvari).

Annette Bening co-stars as Lester's materialistic wife, Carolyn, and Thora Birch plays their insecure daughter. New Album Releases, get newly released hot albums and song lyrics here; find the song meanings, music videos and artist bios.

“There are three ways in the world: dangerous, wounding, and beauty.”–Linda Hogan (Chickasaw). The theme of beauty, and specifically American beauty, emerges through all of the main characters in the movie. The American Beauty could be the sultry teen Angela. View all entertainment featured at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

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