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John Masefield’s “Sea Fever”: Analysis

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John Masefield”s poem “Sea Fever” is a work of art that brings beauty to the English language through its use of rhythm, imagery and many complex figures of speech. The meter in “Sea Fever” follows the movement of the tall ship in rough water through. John Edward Masefield, OM, was an English poet and writer, and Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom from until his death in He is remembered as the author of the classic children's novels The Midnight Folk and The Box of Delights, and poems, including "The Everlasting Mercy" and "Sea-Fever".

The first few words of "Sea Fever" were in a newspaper quiz that my daughter and I tackle each day. She was amazed that I could complete the first line (but I couldn't remember the author's name). I knew the words because when I would ask my mother, "Can we go to the beach?"/5().

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(George W. Russell)., ; Deborah; a [verse] play Abercrombie (Lascelles). Masefield, John – Masefield was an English poet, novelist, playwright, short story writer, critic, and children's book author. He was often drawn to the sea as a theme for his poetry.

Sea fever john masefield essay writer
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